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-Mike Masters In his winding river of a life Mike made many interesting stops along the way to becoming a relationship expert.

At 18 he worked on the oil platforms in Long Beach as an underwater welder.

Consistency in your relationship yields significant benefits.

It can be difficult to discern which moves will get the guy, and until now, there has been no system.

It teaches you to use the power of texting--and not texting--to win his love and make him pursue you in earnest. Vanessa co-sponsors Lock & Key and VIP Social Events for singles in Los Angeles where she resides. Recently, Vanessa guest-blogged for "Shouldn't She Have It?

Power." is a bold manifesto for the modern single woman who wants to capture the man of her dreams. Her "Platinum Girl Celebrity Blog" analyzes celeb romances to discover what famous women do to get and keep their lovers and dissects the fatal mistakes that lead to heartbreak.

In a move to impress the family, he went back to college in premed.

Later he finished college with a degree from UC Davis in Nutritional Biochemistry with a minor in Exercise Physiology.

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Let me teach you to really understand the opposite sex, and land that date with that really hot/amazing girl.

Texting can lead to sexting | The single texting exception Can I accept a date via text? She has coached many women on dating, relationships, engagements, and marriage.

| Texting gone bad | How to stop texting once you start | Online dating and texting for hard-to-get girls | Careful! " Vanessa Taylor, a dating coach devoted to "The Rules," is an international authority on what makes men pursue women.

One advises, Its not okay if a man texts to ask for a date.

They provide examples of texting etiquette for dating.

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